Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making a dog bed

I found this great site that reuses old pillows and an old curtain. It has such easy to follow instructions that I had to share it with you. ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peanut Butter Rice Balls (No Cook)

So Rolo and his brothers and sisters from the 3rd litter are turning 1 tomorrow!!

In honor of his birthday the family always makes a little yummy thing to eat for the birthday dog and the other two get to eat also.  I found so many yummy recipes that I posted on our facebook site and Pinterest site and Instagram site 

I decided, while in the kitchen and surveying what I had and didn't by way of ingredients, to create my own recipe.  I was interested in making a No Cook recipe but included rice as I usually have some on already cooked rice on hand.  If you don't, you can leave the rice out.

3 Cup oats
1 Cup (already cooked) rice
1/2 Cup peanut butter (the natural low/no sugar is best)
1/4 Cup parmasean cheese
1/4 Cup warm water

Start with a glass bowl (this mixture will stick too much to plastic bowls). Add oats and peanut butter and mix with fork by pushing oats into peanut butter.
 Once it's mostly combined, add parmesan cheese and 1/2 of the water.  Use warm to hot water so that it mixes well with the oats. Mix with your hand squeezing mixture together. After a few minutes add the rest of the water and once again squeeze mixture together.
  Add already cooked rice to mixture and again squeeze and mix together. Put a dinner plate out and sprinkle a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese on plate.

Take a tablespoon and scoop out and squeeze and roll into a ball.  And roll in cheeses onto dinner plate. Once done put plate into freezer for 1-3 hours to harden.

This way the dogs (if they are anything like mine) won't inhale the balls they will actually chew them.
Makes 16-20 balls and they will keep well in a ziplock bag in fridge for 2 weeks or freezer up to 2 months.

ENJOY and please let me know of how you enjoyed the recipe and feel free to share it!